Friday, November 11, 2016

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Every 3seconds a new case of dementia is diagnosed. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. This is not a normal part of aging, there is no method of prevention and there is no proven cure. November is Alzheimer’s awareness month. Do what you can: donate, educate someone, educate yourself, wear purple, throw an event, pledge your birthday, share your story, share the message. Together, we can educate the population and decrease the stigma placed on Alzheimer’s. We can educate the young population that will one day be doctors, researchers, and caregivers. We can light the fire inside their hearts. Such an awful disease can only be fought, defeated, treated, cured if we fight together.  

What is Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and is currently the 6th leading cause of death. Currently, there are 46.8 billion people worldwide fighting dementia. This means that 1in every 3 senior citizens die with some form of dementia. This number will increase to around 74.7 million in the next 44 years. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease; this means that the symptoms will worsen over time. Per the Alzheimer’s Association, here are ten early warning signs of Alzheimer’s:

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month   1.      Memory loss in daily life
   2.      Challenges problem solving
   3.      Difficulty with familiar tasks
   4.      Confusion with time/place
   5.      Trouble with visual images
   6.      Problems with speaking & writing
   7.      Frequently misplacing items
   8.      Poor judgment
   9.      Changes in personality and mood
   10.  Withdrawal for social activities

To formally diagnosis Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, visit your doctor.  Your doctor will perform memory tests that involve problem solving, counting, and language followed by brain scans; CT scans and PET scans. 
If diagnosed, there are some wonderful facilities that provide caregivers specifically for dementia and Alzheimer’s. The Scottish Home recently added The Caledonian House to their facilities. This new location specializes in best in class memory care. Our memory support program understands the challenges, changes, and difficulties associated with conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The program focuses on emotional and physical health of your loved ones.
The Scottish Home provides loving care, friendship, and enriching activities. Because of our small size, the environment is very intimate; this makes our residents and staff feel like a family! In addition to the new memory care facility, The Scottish Home also offers assisted living and nursing home care facilities. Schedule a Tour of our facilities located at 2800 Des Plaines Avenue in North Riverside Illinois. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at (708) 447-5092!

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